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Project actions

The LIFE Saramugo Project has the following Actions:

Preparatory actions (A) which will provide an essential update of the situation of the species’ population, and consolidate scientific knowledge on potential and new threats, and how to control them. The compilation and elaboration of GIS information (A1) and the elaboration of collaboration protocols (A2) are also included.

Concrete conservation actions (C) which will intervene directly in the habitat of the saramugo within the SCIs of S. Mamede, Moura/Barrancos and Guadiana.

Project impact monitorization actions (D), where the consequences of the project actions will be checked, both at the level of the saramugo population, at the habitat level, and at the social level.
Awareness-raising and result dissemination actions (E), where environmental education activities, awareness-raising and production of diverse informative materials are included.

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Translated by: Marta Cálix