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The European Commission has approved the LIFE+ Project “Conservation of the Saramugo (Anaecypris hispanica) in the Guadiana basin (Portugal)” (LIFE13 NAT/PT/000786), whose acronym is LIFE Saramugo, coordinated by the Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN) in partnership with public and private institutions, namely the Universidade de Évora (UÉvora), the Instituto para a Conservação da Natureza e Florestas (ICNF) and the company Aqualogus – Engenharia e Ambiente, Lda.

The LIFE Saramugo Project aims to conserve the saramugo populations in 3 sub-basins of the Guadiana river (Xévora, Ardila and Vascão), in order to ensure the survival of this species, hoping to drastically reduce the decline of the saramugo population which has been observed until now.

This project is funded 50% by the LIFE-Nature Programme of the European Commission, with a total budget of around one and a half million euros. The LIFE Saramugo Project will be implemented in the Sites of Community Importance (SCI) of the Guadiana, Moura/Barrancos and São Mamede of the Natura 2000 Network of Protected Areas, and will have a duration of 3,5 years, between July 2014 and January 2018.

This project also intends to become a decisive catalyst for the long-term conservation of this highly threatened species and constitutes an important contribution towards the implementation of the Natura 2000 Network (European Network of Protected Areas).

Translated by: Marta Cálix


Saramugo (© Carlos Carrapato) Saramugo (© Carlos Carrapato) Saramugo (© Carlos Carrapato) Saramugo (© Carlos Carrapato) Saramugo (© Carlos Carrapato)