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Main goals

• Update of the situation of the species’ population throughout its historical occurrence area in the Portuguese territory (Guadiana river basin);

• Rehabilitation of shelter, feeding and breeding habitats of the saramugo, and of the connectivity between them;

• Promotion of the improvement of habitat conditions for the species, in order to allow future reintroductions of population reinforcements with individuals bred ex-situ (safeguarding intra-specific diversity);

• Clarification of threats that may arise from the coexistence of the saramugo and the common bleak (exotic species detected in the past years in the Guadiana basin) and testing of measures that may stop the spread of the common bleak;

• Demonstration of removal techniques and dispersal control of exotic species in order to minimize the impacts of this threat, and which can become tools to be used similarly elsewhere;

• Decrease in pollution levels in the sub-basins where the saramugo occurs;

• Contribute towards the long-term conservation of the saramugo through the involvement of landowners, farmers, fishermen and decision-makers;

• Raising public awareness about conservation issues of the endemic ichthyofauna, in particular the saramugo, and about riparian habitats and inhabiting species.

Translated by: Marta Cálix

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