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Project progress

A1 - GIS planning for base mapping

Compilation of administrative information available online, network of sampling points of the occurrence of the saramugo collected as part of the LIFE 97 project; Requisition of information on threats compiled as part of the Saramugo Action Plan; Digitalization of relevant elements; Gathering of information on occurrence, abundance and threats to the species as part of Action A3.

Action completed.

A2 - Preparation of Cooperation Protocols and licensing

Preparation of a general record for all the protocols, and assessment of all possible conflict situations to foresee in the protocols. Juridical revision of ongoing protocols.
10 signed protocols.

Action in progress...

A3 –Update of the situation of the saramugo population and the threats in the Guadiana basin

Sampling of 45 points in the Guadiana basin between March and June 2015, through electric fishing, in the sub-basins of the Caia, Xévora, Degebe, Carreiras, Lucefecit, Álamo, Ardila, Carreiras, Chança, Vascão, Foupana and Odeleite. Data analysis of the distribution and abundance of the saramugo, state of fish communities, value of conservation, threat factors.

Technical report of 2015 concluded in January 2016.

Action completed.

A4 – Study on the impact of the common bleak (Alburnus alburnus) on saramugo populations

Sixty sampling locations sampled and analysed in Spring 2015 in terms of presence/absence of common bleak. Sampling targeted at the habitat with 8 locations with common bleak (Caia, Xévora, Azambuja and Vascão) and 6 locations with saramugo (Chança, Vascão, Foupana and Odeleite). Data analysis.
Tests performed in controlled conditions of interaction between bordalo (Tropidophoxinellus alburnoides) and common bleak, and between bordalo and saramugo. Direct observation and video recording. Data analysis.
Lab tests for the assessment of the predatory potential of the common bleak, common barbel and bogas (ray-finned fish in the Cyprinidae family) on larvae of exotic species. Capture of common bleak for stomach content analyses, considering the different size classes identified. Data analysis.
Natural fertilization tests in 4 tanks of the PNVG with shoals of saramugo x common bleak x bordalo. Ex-site fertilization attempt using eggs of saramugo x common bleak sperm and monitoring of 2 samples in controlled conditions.

Final report completed.

Action completed.

A5 – Study of control mechanisms for common bleak (Alburnus alburnus) dispersal

Tests on jumping and three-dimensional physical obstacle transposition capacity, reaction to electrical fields and swimming velocity in laboratory experimental conditions.

Action completed.

C1 - Removal of exotic fish species

Until now, 246 removal actions of exotic fish species have been carried out in the Ribeira do Vascão and about 20.000 individuals .of exotic fish species were removed.

Action completed.

C2 - Minimize the impact of cattle on watercourses

Contact has been made with agropecuary producers to check the foreseen interventions and initiate the procedures for the necessary Collaboration Protocols.
Protocols were signed, a few accomplishments:

Improvement on the density of autochthonous vegetation (approximately 530m) in Ribeira do Murtigão (SIC Moura/Barrancos) - Coutada dos Frades
Improvement on the density of autochthonous vegetation in the Ribeira do Murtigão (SIC Moura/Barrancos) - Baldio do Rabo de Coelho
Construction of a watering pond for wild fauna (SIC Moura/Barrancos)

Action in progress...

C3 - Rehabilitation of the aquatic environment and hidromorfologic requalification

1st desilting accomplished in Ribeira do Vascão, about 1050m3 of fine sediments and gravel were removed.
Removal of a patch of giant cane (Arundo donax), stabilization of slopes and densification of the riverside vegetation in Ribeira do Vascão.
2nd desilting accomplished in Ribeira da Safareja, about 3000m3 of fine sediments and gravel were removed.

Action in progress...

C4 – Demonstration of barriers to the advancement of the common bleak

Action in progress...

C5 – Demonstration of automatic exotic species removal device

Installed the first retention device for exotic fish species in the Tasnal dam.

Action in progress...

C6 - Implementation of a Nature Custody network for the Saramugo

The document which establishes the basis of the custody network was concluded.
Information available for voluntary registration on the project website.
To date, there are 37 members of the Saramugo Custody Network (from individuals, public entities and school groups)

Action in progress...

E1 – Logo and editorial

Concluded in June 2015.

Action completed.

E2 – Project’s website development

Concluded in January 2016.

Action completed.

E3 – Production of diverse dissemination materials

Production of personalized flashdrives with saramugo;
Production of poster for advertising the project;
Production of the project folder;
Release of the 1st Project Newsletter (in Portuguese);
Release of the 2nd Project Newsletter (in Portuguese);
Production of the childrens story book - "As Aventuras de Sara, a pequena Saramugo" (in Portuguese);
General concession of the flyer and preparation of the flyer contents;
General concession of the “jogo da glória” and adjudication of the designer.
Budget of all foreseen materials.

Action in progress...

E4 – Environmental education activities with local schools

Preparation of several didactic materials such as saramugo models for decoration, jiggsaw puzzles and images to paint, images for memory games, images in cardboard about the habitat and threats to the saramugo, presentation of images for projection. Actions of Environmental Education (contests and quizzes) with schools in Castro Verde in the CEAVG; Actions of Environmental Education with ALSUD (Mértola), ART and GPS (Castro Verde) in work environment and in the context of removal of exotic species.

School year 2015-2016: Approximately 15 schools from the Municipalities of Arronches, Moura, Barrancos, Mértola, Almodôvar and Alcoutim participated in the environmental education activities of the LIFE Saramugo Project, involving a total of 44 groups and 712 students.

School year 2016-2017: the project visited about 8 schools in the Municipalities of Amareleja, Almodôvar, Serpa and Safara that participated in the environmental education activities of the LIFE Saramugo Project, involving a total of 26 classes and 408 students.

School year 2017-2018, four drama theater sessions were held (entitled "The Great Adventure of the Small Saramugos"), which included the school groupings of Mértola and Moura, with the participation of more than 550 people.

Action in progress...

E5 – Environmental awareness and promotion activities

Years: 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 awareness of about 220 participants in various activities (theme tours, volunteer activities, photo tour, celebration of World Wetlands Day, among others).

Action completed.

E6 - Manual of good practices for the conservation and rehabilitation of the saramugo habitat

Action in progress...

E7 – Awareness-raising campaign for fishermen and agropecuary producers

1st Meeting to define strategies to be adopted in Mértola, (LPN and ICNF).
Letter sent to five associations of sport fishing.
Contacts with possible speakers made.

Action in progress...

E8 – Seminar and Workshop

The workshop "Control methods for exotic fish species" was held in Mértola, in February 2015.
A symposium was held for the "Conservation of Freshwater Fish and Habitat Rehabilitation" held in Évora, in September 2018.

Action completed.

E9 – Promotion of a multidisciplinary work group to improve the monitoring

Meeting with the ICNF took place on the 1st June 2015. A table was created with the threats susceptible to fiscalization. First reunion with the ARH Algarve and Alentejo.

Action in progress...

E10 – Information to the Social media

27 news on LPN newsletter (replicated in the Facebook accounts of LPN and the project).
1 press release
5 news article in national press.
29 articles in sites on the web.
3 news article in the newsletter of the LIFE programme.
9 radio news pieces.
Several project facebook posts.

Action in progress...

E14 – Leisure spaces valuation in riverine habitats

Installed the 1st space of leisure, intitled: "Relíquias Leisure Area in Vascão riverside" - inaugurated on the 5th of June 2017.

2nd space of leisure foreseen: place under study.

Action in progress...

E15 - Participation in scientific meetings and congresses

Presentation "Guadiana Basin, the saramugo refuge" - promoted by the partner of the project: ICNF.

Presentation on the "Environmental Education Actions of LPN including in LIFE Projects" Cycle of Environmental Education seminars.

Participation in the VI Congress of Ichthyology with an oral presentation at the session on LIFE projects and a poster of the project - SIBIC 2016.

Presentation of the project, at the LIFE session at the LIFE Charcos Project seminar (May 03, 2017).

Presentation: "Patterns of habitat use of the endangered fish species saramugo (Anaecypris hispanica), and the invasive bleak (Alburnus alburnus): implications for native fish fauna conservation", on the 10th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, by the project partner: UÉvora (06 of july 2017).

Presentation: "Actions for the conservation and rehabilitation of saramugo, in the portuguese basin of the Guadiana river", on the V Jornadas de Restauro Fluvial da APRH, by LPN and project partner Aqualogus (14 of december 2017)

Presentation: "Concrete conservation actions for Anaecypris hispanica (saramugo) in the Guadiana basin (Portugal) - LIFE Saramugo project" - SIBIC 2018, by LPN (14 de junho 2018)

Presentation: "Hidden threats of sharing habitats: interactions between native and invasive cyprinids", on the IX Congresso da Associação Ibérica de Limnologia, by the project partner: UÉvora (28 of june 2018).

Presentation: "Lessons learned in habitat rehabilitation for saramugo", on the Symposium for the Conservation of Freshwater Fish and Habitat Rehabilitation, by LPN (27 of september 2018).

Presentation of two posters on the Symposium for the Conservation of Freshwater Fish and Habitat Rehabilitation, pela LPN  (27 of september 2018)

Presentation of 3 posters on the Symposium for the Conservation of Freshwater Fish and Habitat Rehabilitation, pelo parceiro UÉvora (27 of september 2018)

Presentation: "Conservation of the saramugo (Anaecypris hispanica) in the Guadiana basin (Portugal)", on the Symposium for the Conservation of Freshwater Fish and Habitat Rehabilitation, by LPN (28 of september 2018)

Participation in other events to consolidate knowledge, exchange of experiences and learning.

Action in progress...

F1 - Global Project Coordination and Management

Production and submission of the Initial Report
Production and submission of the Interim Report
Production and submission of the Progress Report

Holding of 12 partners meeting

Accomplishment of the 1st NEEMO Follow-up Meeting (June 16, 2015)
Conduct of the 2nd NEEMO Follow-up Meeting (June 21, 2018)
Visit by the Delegation of the European Commission's LIFE Unit (24-25 April 2017)

Action in progress...

F2 - Project Technical and Scientific Monitoring Committee (TSMC)

Conduct of the 1st CATC Meeting and preparation of the respective record (July 9, 2015)
Conduct of the 2nd CATC Meeting and preparation of the respective record (July 14, 2017)

Action in progress...

[UPDATED TO 14/11/2018]

Translated by: Marta Cálix & Natasha Silva

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