Why save Saramugo?

Saramugo (Anaecypris hispanica) is one of the most threatened freshwater fish species in Portugal and in the Iberian Peninsula.

It’s classified as Endangered and as Critically Endangered at global and at nation wide scale respectively. In Portugal saramugo shares the same conservation status as the iberian imperial eagle, and the iberian lynx.

The need to protect it doesn’t relate only with itself. Its conservation status reflects the poor condition of streams saramugo inhabits as well as the other freshwater species that depend on this habitat. When a significant part of the threats to saramugo and its habitat are linked to humans, we have the duty to mitigate these threats.

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Sessão de divulgação no contexto de boas práticas e medidas de gestão de exóticas.
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Last week, information panels were installed on the nature conservation activities of the LIFE Saramugo and Imperial Projects in Safara.

LIFE Saramugo Project conducted two training sessions on “Supervision of activities for the conservation of saramugo”.

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